Trois-Rivières - 2013

Author: André Fortin (0043)
Photos: Courtesy of Michel Fortin (0148)
Translated by: Lilian Fortin (0527)
Source: Le Fortinfo, # 24 – novembre 2013, pages 16-17
Last update: novembre 2013

Every summer, the Association des Fortin d’Amérique extends an invitation to its members for a friendly get together. On Saturday July 6, 2013, the Association membership was invited to the Vieilles Forges Golf Club in Trois-Rivières for the annual reunion. Over sixty people, from all over Quebec, Ontario and even the United States accepted the invitation.

This year’s reunion was planned on a smaller scale. At 9:30, Association Treasurer René Fortin, his wife Jeanne and his son Jonathan were on hand to greet members. While waiting for the start of the general assembly, participants were free to visit genealogy or vending booths as well as meet up with Fortin friends from previous years.

At 11:00 the Association began its general assembly with about sixty participants. After the reading of the minutes by Secretary Achille Fortin (0082), the balance sheets by Treasurer, René Fortin (0022) and the 2012-2013 activity report by President Charles Fortin (0459), it was time to proceed with the election of the Board of Directors of the Association.

Jean-Marie Fortin (0005) and Muriel Pagé (0552) were designated as election president and secretary. Six mandates were ending this year and five positions remained vacant from last year. Thus, six two-year positions and five one-year positions were to be filled.

As a result of the elections, a new Board of Directors was formed which includes the following members:

From left to right: Charles Fortin (0459) President, Muriel Fortin (0603)
Vice-president, Gisèle Vézina (0012) administrator, André Fortin (0043) administrator,
Jean-Pierre Fortin (0008) administrator, Monique Fortin (0297) administrator,
René Fortin (0022) Treasurer and Achille Fortin (0082) Secretary.

After the assembly, the President invited participants to the dining room for a delicious hot lunch. During lunch, five-year pins and ten-year pins souvenir membership, as well as
lifetime membership certificates were distributed.

Recipients of the 10 year pin present at the assembly: Left to right: Pascale Fortin (0336),
Réal Fortin (0422), Réjeanne Fortin (0369), Pierre Fortin (0466), Richard Fortin (0411),
Donald Fortin (0464), Bertrand Fortin (0060), Charles Fortin (0459), Pauline Fortin (0423)
and Clarence Fortin (0373).

Additionally a few door prizes were drawn from among the assembled participants.

After the meal, for those who wished, a tour of the Forges-du-Saint-Maurice was available. This historical location housed the first metallurgical industrial site in Canada. Situated along the Saint-Maurice River, the site represents a cultural treasure with its “Grande Maison” and its archeological remains.

In ending, we wish to extend our thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the reunion either through their help with the general organisation of the event or their presence. Our thanks also to the Golf Club and the caterer, Les Réceptions Pépin for their warm welcome, their cooperation and for the excellent meal served with a smile and great friendliness.