Our committees

The publications committee whose mandate is:

  • The publishing and distribution of the Le Fortinfo Review;
  • The publishing of a Souvenir collection when special events are held;
  • The publishing of the Association’s publicity flyer;
  • To redact promotional articles;
  • To maintain and update the website;
  • To design a Genealogical information database in order to produce a dictionary.

Person responsible: Jean Fortin (0815)

The events organization committee whose mandate is:

  • To organize the annual Gathering or Reunion events for the Association’s members;
  • To plan and organize genealogical fairs and shows;
  • To plan and organize special events.

Person responsible: vacant

The technologies committee whose mandate is:

  • The AFA website’s reform to meet current trends;
  • To operate and update the website;
  • To promote the AFA website and its Facebook Group among its members and the public at large;
  • To manage the AFA’s Facebook Group.

Person responsible: Jean Fortin (0815)

The genealogy committee whose mandate is:

  • The planning and updating of the database;
  • To manage genealogical information requests;
  • To assist people requesting assistance in their genealogical efforts launching.

Persons responsible: Jean-Pierre Fortin (008) and Gisèle Vézina (0012)

The archives committee whose mandate is:

  • To set up an archives collection;
  • To maintain and update the archives collection’s data;
  • To set up a Fortin tombstones collection, including locations (Parish) information and placement tracking information;
  • The enhancement of the archives collection.

Person responsible: Achille Fortin (0082)