Lévis - 2008

Author: Achille Fortin (0082)
Photos: Courtesy of ??
Translated by: Pierre Fortin (466)
Source: Fortinfo, # 14 – novembre 2008, pages 20-22
Last update: novembre 2008
Email: info@afafortin.com

Traditionally, every Summer, the Association des Fortin d’Amérique invites its members to a fraternal assembly, alternating between a one-day Reunion on even-numbered years, and a three-day Gathering on odd-numbered years. And, since its foundation, these get togethers were always held on the first weekend in July. This year, however, the Association wanted to have the event coincide with Quebec’s Founding Families Marathon on August 24, as well as having it held in the Greater Quebec Region at the same time as the more prestigious events celebrating Quebec’s 400th anniversary were to occur.

Thus, the 2008 reunion was held on August 23rd at the L’Oiselière Hotel in Lévis, with over 100 members attending.

At 8 A.M., many Fortins were already in the welcoming area to register and select their activities of choice for the day. The online Fortin Genealogy kiosk, the rows of local family pictures and charts, along with two exhibitions of artistic Fortin “cousins”, and our Fortin Souvenirs stand were set up in the general Gathering area in such a way as to allow for a presentation of the Association’s 2007 trip to France to run contiunously without disturbing other members milling about.

The members had three informative visits around Lévis to chose from during the day. Foremost was the Genealogy workshop, where participants can better their knowledge on various accessible databases. Then, two regional visits were possible: the TRAC Group Railway Archives, where railroad artifacts and photos spanning almost a century could be appreciated, and the Davie Shipyards, which began shipbuilding activies in 1829. Members were therefore free to learn new genealogy “tricks”, visit Lévis’ historical past, or merely exchange and enrich their linage onsite with “cousins” from many Quebec regions, Ontario and the United States (some as far away as Washington State).

After such an active morning, an excellent lunch was served in the hotel’s dining room – always a memorable part of our reunions, as it favours exchanging with established acquaintances as well as fraternizing with newly-found ones.

Our host for this event, our Vice-President Charles Fortin, welcomed our 105 guests, and highlighted Mister Robert Maranda’s presence, representing Lévis’ City Hall as well as the hosting Desjardins District. During lunch, Mister Maranda reiterated the Mayor’s welcome.

Our President André Fortin then presented the Association des Fortin d’Amérique’s Coat of Arms to the hosting City’s municipal authorities present. André followed by awarding Five-Year pins to the eighty members onboard since 2003 (absentees will receive theirs by mail), followed by the Life Membership certificates presentation to the five members having subscribed to this level during the year. They join the seventeen other members in this exclusive fellowship.

After lunch, prizes were drawn among the registered guests.

Then, around 2 P.M., after reminding everyone that the annual General Assembly would take place at 3:30 P.M., our host invited the Marathon participants to reconvene in the general Gathering area to meet with Lawrence Bernard, the Fortins “Delegation Chief” for that event, to receive instructions and material required to participate. Others could spend the free time as they wished.

The General Assembly began on time with the reading and approval of its agenda. This was followed by our Secretary Carrier Fortin’s reading of the 2007 reunion (held in Alma) Annual Meeting minutes.

André Fortin then read his report on the past year, highlighting set objectives, results achieved, and the many events having occurred in the course of the year. Those present expressed their approval by lengthy applause. Finally, our Treasurer René Fortin presented the Association’s Balance Sheet for the closing year, which was also distributed among the members. All those present noticed approvingly how well a balanced budget had been achieved.

It was then time to move forward to electing seven new members to the Association’s Board for a period of two years. Ms. Lyne Fortin undertook to preside over this election, while Ms. Muriel Pagé accepted to play the role of election secretary.

The resulting election gave way to the uncontested appointments of the following Board of Directors:

From left to right :
First row : Rolande Fortin (305) Trustee, Gloria Fortin-Packard (322) Trustee, André Fortin (043) President, Gisèle Vézina (012) Trustee, Carrier Fortin (472) Secretary, René Fortin (022) Treasurer.
Second row : Jean-Pierre Fortin (008) Trustee, Charles Fortin (459) Vice-President, Hélène Fortin (021) Trustee, Achille Fortin (082) Trustee, Jean-Philippe Fortin (638) Trustee, Michel Fortin (148) Trustee,
Pierre Fortin (466) Trustee.

The General Assembly ended around 4:30 P.M.; all were cordially invited to return to the Gathering in Laval on the 10th, 11th and 12th of July, 2009.

In retrospect, at the close of the 2008 Reunion, we can all reaffirm that the Association des Fortin d’Amérique is alive and well, and it’s all due to its members’ involvement.