Gatineau - 2014

Author: André Fortin (0043)
Photos: Courtesy of Denis Fortin (0892)
Source: Fortinfo, # 26 – novembre 2014, pages 20-24
Last update: novembre 2014

This year’s reunion was held at the Gatineau Best Western Plus on July 5 and 6. Friday evening almost half the registered members had already arrived and began to socialize.

Saturday morning at 8:00, our treasurer, René Fortin (0022), his wife Jeanne Gamache and his son Jonathan were on hand to welcome members and distribute a file containing the information necessary to the weekend.

At 9:30, participants were invited to the Champlain “A” meeting room for workshops regarding “Lac-à-l’Épaule”. Achille Fortin (0082), the event coordinator had planned four panels on various themes.

Panel 1, hosted by Pierre Fortin (0466) focussed on the assemblies and reunions as well as the genealogical shows organized by the Fédération des Associations de Familles du Québec.

Panel 2, hosted by Nicole Barthe (0891) discussed the «fortinfo» magazine as well as the souvenir books and the website.

Panel 3, which was hosted by our president Charles Fortin (0459) studied the situation of the Board of Directors as well as the regional representatives.

Panel 4, hosted by Gisèle Vézina (0012) discussed services offered by the Association.

Saturday afternoon several open activities had been proposed to participants. As usual, an exhibit of photos and genealogy of our five ancestors, sons of Julien dit Bellefontaine and François dit Hermel, as well as a counter selling Association souvenir (pins, laminated coats of arms, etc.) was held in the Alexandra room.

In addition, two of our author members offered their books for sale. Suzie Pelletier (0893) was on hand to sell her series “Le Pays de la terre perdue” and Christian Fortin (0505) was selling his first book, “Le journal d’un passionné de jeux olympiques”.

At 6:00 pm, participants were invited to socialize at a cocktail held in the Champlain room where hors d’oeuvres were offered along with drinks. Our President handed out 5 year pins and 10 year pins to those who were present.

Jean-Pierre Fortin (0008) announced that next year, on July 4, 2015, a monument would be unveiled honouring Julien Fortin and Geneviève Gamache and to help defray costs, a fundraising campaign was being launched.

This year, the association has also gained four new lifetime members, who unfortunately were unable to be present. However, Rolande Fortin (0305), mother of one of these new members received the certificate for her daughter, Martine Leboeuf (0685). Supper was then served to the 72 attendees.

During supper, prizes were raffled. As well, a bound copy of the first 10 issues of fortinfo was awarded for a sponsorship contest held from October 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. The prize was won by Bertrand Fortin (0865), the Outaouais regional representative.

At the end of the meal, around 9:00 pm, Sophie-Marie Martel (soprano) and her daughter Gabrielle Lapointe, along with guitarist François Couture put on a show called “Ce chant qui coule dans nos veines”.

Following the presentation of the first piece, “Do le do” from The Sound of Music, they received a standing ovation. They continued with a variety of songs such as: “Le Soleil et la lune”, “Hymne au printemps”, “Bozo”, “La mer”, “Frou-Frou”, “Ma maman”, “Un enfant”, “Le petit chaperon rouge”, as well as “Ave Maria” sung by Gabrielle. The audience demanded three curtain calls and the show ended after an hour and a half.

At Sunday mass, on the morning of July 6, we were warmly welcomed by the parishioners and by Father Daniel Granger of Notre-Dame-du-Très-Saint-Rosaire. With our group of 40, we filled the small church.

Achille Fortin and Bernard Leboeuf were permitted to serve mass; Muriel Pagé and Rolande Fortin accepted to read the epistles and universal prayers. Participation was impressive.

The celebrant had even composed a rallying song which he sang at the beginning and end of the mass with all those present. Everyone knows the song: « C’est un « m » un « e » un « r », c’est un « c » avec un « i », rassemblez toutes ces lettres, vous aurez le mot merci ». (Give us a T, an H, an A, an N, a K, a Y, an O, a U, bring it all together and you get Thank You).

Father Granger turned it into a Fortin song: «C’est un « F » un « O » un « R », c’est un « T » un « I » un « N » rassemblez toutes ces lettres vous aurez le mot FORTIN, FORTIN, FORTIN… (Give us an F, an O, an R, a T, an I, an N, bring it together and you get FORTIN, FORTIN, FORTIN)

The celebrant had even composed a rallying song which he sang at the beginning and end of the mass with all those present. Everyone knows the song: « C’est un « m » un « e » un « r », c’est un « c » avec un « i », rassemblez toutes ces lettres, vous aurez le mot merci ». (Give us a T, an H, an A, an N, a K, a Y, an O, a U, bring it all together and you get Thank You).

The atmosphere in the church was one of celebration. We extend many thanks to Father Daniel Granger and his team.

At 11:00 am, members were invited to the general assembly to be held in the Champlain “A” room. After adoption of the agenda, the secretary, Achille Fortin (0082), read the minutes of the 2013 general assembly. Charles Fortin (0459), President, presented the 2013-2014 activities report, followed by the financial statements by treasurer, René Fortin (0022).

It was then time to elect the members of the Board of Directors for the Association. Jean-Marie Fortin (0005) and Muriel Pagé (0552) were designated as election president and secretary respectively.

Five (5) individuals were ending their mandate and two (2) posts remained vacant from last year. Thus, seven (7) posts were to be filled. Pascale Fortin (0336) who was unable to be present had demonstrated her interest in remaining on the board.

Charles Fortin (0459), president
Muriel Fortin (0603), vice-president
Achille Fortin (0082), secretary
René Fortin (0022), treasurer
Jean-Pierre Fortin (0008), administrator
Gisèle Vézina (0012), administrator
André Fortin (0043), administrator
Monique Fortin (0297), administrator
Pascale Fortin (0336), administrator
Jean Fortin (0815), administrator
Guy Bernard (0668), administrator

At half past noon, after the general assembly, participants moved to the Champlain “B” room where brunch was served. After the meal, the president, Charles Fortin, invited the members to the 2015 reunion which will be held in St.

Joachim de Montmorency on July 4, where a monument will be unveiled honouring Julien Fortin and Geneviève Gamache, ancestors to thousands of descendants.

We wish to extend our thanks to our financial partners: L’Imprimerie Fortin Ltée, Décarie Fortin, Lawyers-Notaries, Transport aérien Passion Inc., Monique L. Fortin CPA Inc., Caisse Desjardins des Chutes Montmorency, Maryse Gaudreault, MP for Hull at the Quebec provincial parliament.