Beauport - 2012

Author: Gisèle Vézina (0012)
Photos: Courtesy of Michel Fortin (0148), Gisèle Vézina (0012), Rolande Fortin (0305)
Translated by: Louise Gosselin (0013)
Source: Fortinfo, # 22 – decembre 2012, pages 6-9
Last update: decembre 2012

L’Association des Fortin d’Amérique held its annual gathering on July 13, 14, 15, 2012. This meeting was particularly important as the Association is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. More than 150 people turned up at Hotel Ambassadeur in Beauport, Quebec for the occasion.

Starting at noon on Friday, July 13, participants were invited to visit the exhibition hall and the genealogical kiosk.

During the afternoon and the evening, three videos were presented: « Le rassemblement 2002 », « Deux rêves, une nation » et «Perche, je me souviens ». It was greatly appreciated specially by those who arrived early.

On Saturday, July14, three buses left Beauport at 9:30 am following Route 138 « La Route de la Nouvelle-France ». A guide accompanied us all along which made the tour very interesting. The first stop was at the «Moulin du Petit Pré », a flour mill powered by water. As early as 1695, Mgr de Laval had the first mill built at this exact place.

The next stop took us to the « Centre d’ínterprétation de la Côte de Beaupré », located in the Old Convent in Château-Richer. The history and the heritage of the Beaupré Coast region was explained to us using models and different items.

At lunch time, we stopped at « L’Auberge de la Basilique » in Ste-Anne de Beaupré where lunch boxes had been prepared for us in order to have a quick meal, some time to rest and socialize.

After lunch, we got to visit the « Atelier de sculpture Paré » also located in Ste-Anne de Beaupré. We had a very colourful presentation of a mural illustrating diverse Quebec legends.

At St-Joachim, birthplace of the Fortins, we first visited the church which is a magnificent building and an historical monument. The rectory, near by, is also a beautiful building.

Driving on «Coteau Fortin» Road, we reached «La Grande Ferme» so named by the Quebec Seminary who once was the owner of the place. We were welcomed by Pierre Gaudin, the same great narrator we met in 2002, who described the various events happening at the farm like the fire which destroyed the farm buildings and the first church. As of today, we can still see the vestiges of the church. He also mentioned that the Fortins have been supervisors at the « Grande Ferme » for many generations.

Around 4:00 pm, as we were leaving this beautiful region, we drove past our ancestor’s land and got back to the Hotel on time to get ready for the cocktail and the banquet.

During the cocktail, souvenir pins were given to those who have been members for 5 and 10 years. Other members received their lifetime membership certificates.

Left to right: Ghislain Fortin (0720) of Rimouski, Québec, Marc Fortin (0690) of Chicoutimi, Québec, Éliette Lebeuf (0681) of Québec, Québec, Florence Fortin (0669) of Kemptville, Ontario,
and Diane Fortin (0686) of La Prairie, Québec.

See the list of recipients for the 5 year pin and 10 year pin.

After a great meal and in good company, people greatly appreciated the performance of four priests of the Quebec diocese «Los Padres Misioneros » who sang a capella.

The song « Un Canadien errant » brought tears to some United States residents attending the reunion. A Paraguayan guitarist played and sang a few songs which were very enjoyable.

On Sunday, July 15, many people attended a mass celebrated at the Nativité Church in Beauport. The young soprano Emilie Baillargeon, gave a great performance.

Back at Hotel Embassadeur for brunch, souvenir pictures were given to the founder members who were present.

From left to right: Jacques Fortin (0001), Bibiane Fortin (0019), Louisette Fortin (0014),
Jean-Pierre Fortin (0008), Gisèle Vézina (0012), Lawrence Bernard (0643), René Fortin (0022),
André Fortin (0043), Achille Fortin (0082) and Jean-Marie Fortin (0005).

The brunch was followed by the annual general assembly which ran smoothly.

The members of the Board of Directors for 2012 are :

From left to right: Charles Fortin (0459), President, Carrier Fortin (0472), administrator,
Jean-Pierre Fortin (0008), administrator, Monique Fortin-Blake (0297), administrator,
Achille Fortin (0082), Secretary, René Fortin (0022), Treasurer, Michel Fortin (0148), Vice-president,
and André Fortin (0043), administrator.