Baie-Saint-Paul - 2005

Author: Rolande Fortin (0305)
Photos: Courtesy of Pascale Fortin (0336)
Translated by: Louise Gosselin (013) and Robert House
Fortinfo, # 8 – decembre 2005, pages 24-28
Last update: 
novembre 2005

– St-Jean Inn Parking –

The registration which was scheduled for 10.00am, started at 9.30am as people were already waiting in the parking area of L’Auberge St. Jean. Folders containing information about the town of Baie-Saint-Paul and the Charlevoix region were handed out by the members of the welcoming committee as the people registered.

The magnificent Photo Exhibition was well presented and very popular. Many people, including the hotel staff were interested and curious about the family portraits and appreciated the amount of work involved in the preparation of the exhibition. Furthermore, booksellers and exhibitors were impressed by the interest shown by the members of the Association. Salutations from France, received in May 2005,also attracted the interest of the participants.

As no lunch was organized, people had to use their initiative to find some place to eat. Can you imagine 150 persons arriving for lunch at the same time in a small town that was used to reservations and normal turnaround? The restaurant owners had to react quickly and efficiently to deal with this sudden influx of customers. Les Autobus Larouche, reserved for the historical tour, arrived 30 minutes prior to departure time. The drivers were professional and gave good service. Each bus had a guide and a member of the board of directors on board. One of the buses had an interpreter, Guillaume Desgagné- Lebeuf (588), for the English-speaking members. He seemed to have been appreciated, even his grandmother heard about it. It was raining after the tour but people made the best of it with good humor.

The historical visit was a big hit and the guides- Jean Fortin (594), mayor of Baie-St-Paul, Pierre Fortin (593), Jean-Claude Turcotte and Majorique Fortin (534) demonstrated that they knew their region very well and answered all of our questions.

Sister Marielle Lavoie, during the visit to the Petites Franciscaines de Marie ably told us about the founding of her religious community and guided the visitors around the magnificent chapel built 100 years ago.

The visit to the Pine Resin museum with Jean-Jacques Fortin (538) allowed us to discover the history and the commercial aspects of this product used by our ancestors.

The visit to La Rémy flourmill with Jean-Claude Bernier, general manager of Heritage Charlevoix, was one of the key moments of the historical tour.
Here we discovered a “monument” which has risen from its ashes. The mill is now functioning and will be opened to the public in 2006

The old St-Urbain cemetery where many Fortins are buried was also of great interest. Eudore Fortin (529), a legendary person in the area, welcomed the visitors and identified all members of his family buried in the cemetery. I have just learned that a member of the Association has found her grandfather whom she had been trying to trace for a long time.


From left to right: Mrs Fortin (mayor’s wife), Achille Fortin (082) president,

Anita Fortin (143) master of ceremonies, and Jean Fortin (594) mayor of Baie-St-Paul.


While waiting for the Mayor and his wife at the cocktail offered by the municipality of Baie-St-Paul, the hotelkeeper, Mr. Alain offered crudities to the attendees. Achille Fortin thanked everyone and then, the banquet was served to 173 persons.

the unveil the coat of arms
Following this, a life membership certificate was given to Marcel Fortin (237).

After the main course, Anita, master of ceremonies, invited the current president and Jean-Pierre Fortin (008), founding president, to unveil the coat of arms. As Mrs Karine Constantineau, “Hérault d’armes Miramichi “, was absent, Zachée Fortin (053) was invited to read the text proclaiming the official granting of the concession of the coat of arms.

The special type of desert presented by our professional confectioner reminded us of the hard work of our ancestors. After the meal, the sale of the coat of arms pins was a great success.

At 9:30 pm, people were invited to return to the reception room for a harp recital given by Lucie Fortin Gascon (587). This type of gentle classical music is always appreciated on special occasions. Brother Philippe Fortin (347), 85 years old, says that he can now pass on since he has attended his first harp recital. Other people recognized the harpist who held workshops to talk about the harp to children from primary school to University. Thank you Lucie, for this remarkable performance in spite of the humidity, which made it difficult..

Sunday, July 10, started by a great welcome from the parish committee with the inscription
In fact, the letters forming the inscription :
Bienvenue aux Fortin d’Amérique crossing the choir of the Petite-Rivière-Saint-François church. It is important to note that this church was built on land given by Jacques Fortin, son of Julien Fortin, on the condition that he was to be buried in the church.

The mass was one of thanksgiving and sharing. Father Bouchard and Abbé Azarias Fortin (470) assisted the celebrant Abbé Mario Dufour (592), whose grandmother is a Fortin from Baie St-Paul. The mass was celebrated for the Fortins of America. The parish choir conducted by Marcel Simard gave a great performance. Bravo! We also wish to thank the organist, Lise Bouchard.

During the ceremony, Abbé Dufour mentioned the 40th wedding anniversary of a new member and his wife who came from Florida. There was also another couple from St-Lambert who celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary the previous week. “All Fortin descendants”, said the celebrant.

He then asked people this question:« Do you believe in yourself?» The reply was timid. He continued:«How can you believe in others if you don’t believe in yourself?» This time the response was a lot more powerful!!

The annual general meeting of the Association was held after mass in the church, which the head priest, Jean-Guy Paradis, gracefully put at our disposition. Everyone who assisted the reunion was very pleased by the way the reunion was conducted.

After the election, the members of the new board of directors were introduced to the participants.

From left to right:
First row : Violette Fortin (051), administrator, André Fortin (043), vice-president, Achille Fortin (082), president, René Fortin (022), tresurer, Angélo Ste-Croix (504), administrator.
Second row : Hélène Fortin (021), administrator, Charles Fortin (459), new administrator, Rolande Fortin (305), administrator, Carrier Fortin (472) secretary.
Third row : Huguette Fortin (128), new administrator, Majorique Fortin (534), new administrator, Jean-Pierre Fortin (008), administrator. Une absente : Anita Fortin (143), administrator.

Back at Auberge St-Jean, the 165 participants enjoyed the food prepared by the chefs and appreciated the smiles of the waiters and waitresses. During the brunch, a dozen prizes were drawn and this activity warmed up the atmosphere considerably.

Many thanks to Mr. Alain and Mr. Pierre Bouchard, the waiters and waitresses who gave us excellent service. Thank you to all who contributed to the success of this gathering, members of the committee, members of the board of administration and their families, to the people of Baie St-Paul, Petite-Rivière-St-François and St-Urbain. Thanks to the guides, at the sites or in the buses, especially the interpreter Guillaume, and to all the other persons who were present.