Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - 2004

Author: Hélène Fortin (0021)
Translated by: Louise Gosselin (013) and Robert House
Photos: Courtesy of Pascale Fortin (0336)
Source: Fortinfo, # 6 – decembre 2004, pages 1 and 3
Last update: 10 juillet 2004

The 3rd general assembly of L’Association des Fortin d’Amerique was held in the beautiful region of the upper Richelieu at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu last July 10th. The Association wished to increase its visibility to the Fortin descendants in another area of Quebec.

By 9:15, the welcoming committee received the first participants. Approximately 135 registered. Although the majority of the people came from different regions of Quebec, some came from Ontario and even the United States.

In the morning, in the exhibition hall, the guests were able to consult the genealogical workshop, see the family pictures gallery, and learn about the region and its history. Many people took advantage of this reunion to exchange information concerning the grand Fortin family history.

For the first time during a reunion, a picture reproduction service was available. Many people came with old pictures, which were copied and will enlarge the Fortin family archives. Many thanks to everyone who had the generosity to share some of their family history.

The annual general assembly started at 11:00. After the reading of the minutes by the secretary, the financial statement by the treasurer and the president’s report of the activities for the year 2003-2004, the president of the election proceeded with the election of the new board of directors.
For the year 2004-2005, the members of the board of administration are:
  • President: Achille Fortin (082)
  • Vice-president: André Fortin (043)
  • Secetary: Carrier Fortin (472)
  • Treasurer: René Fortin (022)
  • Administrator : Zachée Fortin (053)
  • Administrator: Anita Fortin (143)
  • Administrator: Lucette Fortin (439)
  • Administrator: Violette Fortin (051)
  • Administrator: Rolande Fortin (305)
  • Administrator : Angelo Ste-Croix (504)
  • Administrator: Rachel Turbide (264)
  • Administrator: Hélène Fortin (021)

As far as the named functions are concerned, André Fortin (043) remains in charge of registration and is also responsible of the internet site of the Association, Carrier Fortin is assigned to the archives, Gisèle Fortin keeps the genealogist assignment, Jean-Pierre Fortin (008) remains the editor of fortinfo and Pascale Fortin (336) is in charge of the presentation and realization of the Internet site.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the outgoing President, Jean-Pierre Fortin (008),
handed Jean-Marie Fortin (005) the Association first life membership certificate.

After the general assembly, a brunch was served in the Hotel dining room. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the history of the host region and the Fortins.
At 2:30, the majority of the participants left for a visit to St-Cyprian of Napierville, where the first Fortin’s lived. They visited the magnificent church where a mini-concert was held. The parish priest, Reverent Geoffrion, welcomed the visitors and gave a brief history of the church.

Bibiane Fortin (019), one of the organizers of the visit, introduced the organist Ms Anita Poulin and the singer Ms Micheline Fortin.
To complete the visit, Lionel Fortin (011), historian and author, gave a short but very interesting conference on the history of the church and the first Fortin’s in Napierville. We were able to listen to the organist performing some recitals and once again admired the church’s architecture as we departed.
Finally, we went to “ Rang des Patriotes” where one of the pioneers of Napierville, Christophe Fortin who at the end of the 18th century, 25 years before the foundation of Napierville, took a concession on lot 13 of the first concession North West, today called “Chemin des Patriotes”. This lot has always been owned by a Fortin, passing from father to son by heritage or sale. Five generations later the actual owner is Donat Fortin.
Donat Fortin’s house, in the rang des Patriotes.
We trust that the participants of the 2004 Meeting enjoyed the day with the large Fortin family and we hope to see all of you again at the 2005 gathering.