Monument in honor of Julien Fortin located at 765, chemin du Cap Tourmente, St-Joachim, Québec, G0A 3X0

Welcome to the Association des Fortin d’Amérique’s (AFA) website.

It’s a privilege to have an Association such as ours, and a pleasure to make it possible for you to discover it, and – who knows? – perhaps consider joining it yourself. 

Here, you will find an abundance of information about the Association, its various member activities, gatherings and annual reunions held at various locations where various Fortin families live.

Our website is in constant evolution. Therefore, it’s quite possible that certain contents are still incomplete. We will strive to enrich it with various documents archived since the AFA’s founding. New topics will gradually be added and set ones be expanded aver the months to come.

Julien Fortin, a businessman

In France  during the XVII century, Perche is a very small province in the north of France surrounded by Normandie, Ile-de-France, Orléanais and Maine. To earn their living people cultivate the soil, do business and those with manual skills work as artisans.        The « Percherons » are known to be zealous workers but aloof with management. Justifying this,…

Annual Meeting

Event Manager:
René Fortin (0022)

Members of the organizing Committee of the event:
Johanne Fortin (0811), Jean-Marie Fortin (0005)

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The organizing committee

France 2023

The pandemic neither a war can’t impede us to go to France commemorating Julien Fortin 400 years. We postpone the trip to France for visiting the significant places of family Fortin history until spring 2023. It’s still possible to joint the group.

For more details, please communicate with Francis Fortin :> ou 401 658-4516 (English)

Volunteers wanted


The Association des Fortin d’Amérique is looking for volunteers to take on certain positions or tasks, and to ensure its proper functioning. If you would like to get involved, please contact us by Email:

The needs to be filled are:

Board of Directors
Board of Directors


3 directors



Regional representatives
Regional representatives

1 outside Quebec
1 region (8) Abitibi-Témiscamingue
1 region (11) Gaspésie – Les Îles


Le Fortinfo
Le Fortinfo
  • Proofreader (English)
  • Translator – French/English



New Members

Honour roll

Last lifetime member (2019)
Jacques Fortin (0790) from Montreal, QC

It is with great pleasure that we welcome
the following new members in 2021

Danielle Fortin (1024) from Québec, QC
Marie-Mariette Fortin-Lavallée (1025) from Shawinigan, QC
Christine Gagnon (1026) from St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC
Simon Y. Fortin (1027) from Gatineau, QC
François Yvan Fortin(1028) from Lévis, QC
Élise Y. Fortin (1029) from Jacksonville, Fl
Steve Fortin (1030) from Baie-St-Paul, QC
Denis Fortin (1031) from Lower Sackville, NE
Lynda Versailles-Fortin (1032) from Napierville, QC
Philippe Fortin (1033) from Québec, QC
Maurice Fortin (1034) from Saint-Côme-en-Vairais, FR
Ghislain Fortin(1035) from Roberval, QC
Ginette Fortin (1036) from Roberval, QC
Marjolaine Fortin (1037) from Rivière Rouge, QC
Georgette Fortin Hanrahan (1038) from Timberlea, NS
Claire Lindell (1039) from Pointe-Claire, QC
Pierre Fortin (1040) from Québec, QC
Donald Robert Kummer (1041) from St-Louis, MO
Frédéric Fortin (1042) from Rimouski, QC


We are proud to announce the nomination of Mr. Luc Fortin (1002), as the Outaouais members’ representative.

Finally, we are announcing that Mr. Michel Fortin (0757), the established representative for members from the Lanaudière region and the Montreal odd-numbered members, has accepted to replace his father, Mr. Pierre Fortin (0466), as Regional Representatives Coordinator.

(Please note that Pierre remains the Laval members Representative, as well as those members living in the Maritime provinces and Western Canada)


– Would you like to get your direct lineage with your ancestor Fortin?
– Would you like to know the members of a Fortin family?
– You are passionate about genealogy and you are experiencing
   difficulties with your research project?
– Your Association des Fortin d’Amérique can help you.
– Contact us by email:

Le Fortinfo

Le Fortinfo number 39

And many more

The Association des Fortin d'Amérique’s Review



The Le Fortinfo (AFA’s semi-annual review) is constantly searching for articles to be included in future issues. We are quite aware that every family has a past, but most people don’t dare sharing their ancestors’ history…

Are you among those Fortins who would like to try the experience of expressing their family’s memories and souvenirs, knowing that several Fortin members would enjoy the opportunity of learning your kinship, perhaps even discover a common ascendant that they did not know existed?

Le Fortinfo offers you the opportunity to make your story known, or that of one of your family members. No need to be a writer or poet; simply to share in your words, your story, their stories. Above all, don’t be afraid to perfectly describe your experiences at first glance; we’ll be happy to help you in your approach. In addition, if you have old photos of your story’s era but aren’t equipped to scan them, just them to us; we will scan them, Email you copies and mail the originals back to you.

If this idea appeals to you, just contact us, rather than torment yourself with a Yay-or-Nay decision. We encourage you to contact us to discuss this unique opportunity. Any non-AFA-members who wish to try this experience will receive a copy of that Le Fortinfo Review in which the article will appear, free of charge.

P.S. Of course, members of the AFA are even more welcomed to participate in this opportunity.

The editors

The next release of Fortinfo has been postponed to a later date.

The Association des Fortin d’Amérique is a member of the Fédération des associations de familles du Québec


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed in the past years to the realization and maintenance of the previous site, especially Pascale Fortin (0336) and André Fortin (0043)

Website design and  production
Jean Fortin (0815)
Translated by
Pierre Fortin (0466)


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